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CHS Graduation Requirements

The Carlsbad Unified School District Board of Trustees authorizes the granting of a high school diploma to any pupil who has completed all graduation requirements before the date of graduation. A student must earn 230 credits in order to graduate from Carlsbad High School. Each course is worth five credits per semester. The graduation requirements include: 

      Achieving a total grade point average of 1.5 or higher on a 4.0 scale 

      Completing 20 hours of community service 

      Completing the Courses Required for Graduation during grades 9 through 12.

A-G Requirements

The A-G Requirements are a sequence of high school courses that students must complete (with a grade of C or better) to be minimally eligible for admission to the University of California (UC) and California State University (CSU). They represent the basic level of academic preparation that high school students should achieve to undertake university work.

A - History and Social Science:  years, including one year of World History, one year of US History

- English:  4 Years of English

C - Mathematics: 3 years, including Algebra I, Geometry, and Algebra II

D - Laboratory Science: 2 years of a science, including one year of biology and one year of physical science with lab

E - Language Other Than English: 2 years of the same language required

F - Visual and Performing Arts: 1 year of approved Visual and Performing Arts course

G - College Preparatory Elective: 1 year of approved Elective courses from any of the following areas:

  • History/SS
  • English
  • Advanced Math
  • Lab Science
  • World Language
  • Fine Arts (VAPA)