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Academic Planning


  • Register for Naviance (Students & Parents)
    • Naviance is a program that allows you to assess your personality type, explore careers, majors, post-secondary opportunities, and scholarships, and eventually to apply to colleges effectively.  
  • Create a 4-Year High School plan in Aeries Student Portal and begin exploring post-high school options


  • Take PSAT (October)
  • If applicable, sign up for AP Exams in the beginning of the fall semester
  • Complete Community Services hours (keep a list of hours for future resumes and college applications)


  • Take the PSAT (October) - Juniors are eligible for the National Merit Scholarship Competition
  • Take the ACT and/or SAT
  • Sign up for AP Exams in the beginning of the fall semester
  • Take the ASVAB Exam (December)
  • Research colleges and develop a college list in Naviance
  • Visit college campuses
  • Brainstorm, write, and revise personal statements for college applications
  • Utilize Naviance to support you in your postsecondary planning process


  • If needed, take SAT and/or ACT before December
  • Take the ASVAB Exam (December)
  • Create accounts for CSU, UC, Common App, and individual college applications. Keep a log of all usernames and passwords
  • Finalize personal statements
  • Complete Brag Packets for letters of recommendation
  • Request letters of recommendation 
  • Complete and submit college applications
  • Send official ACT/SAT tests scores
    • ACT: UC - Send to one UC and all will receive. CSU - Send to one CSU and all will receive. Send individually to other colleges
    • SAT: UC - Send to one UC and all will receive. CSU - Use code 3594 to submit to all campuses. Send individually to other colleges
  • Routinely check emails and portals at least once a week
  • Send transcripts when needed
  • Complete FAFSA (Federal Aid) & CSS Profile (Select private college's financial aid application)
  • Complete scholarship applications in Naviance

Senior Year Video Library:

Click the link below to review a variety of video lessons and tutorials specific to your post-high school plans. Videos include graduation requirements, CSU & UC Application overview, letters of recommendation, financial aid, and more!