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Fashion Design

Fashion Design 1

Grades 9-10 CHS Graduation: Elective  UC/CSU A-G: “F” Video Description: Coming Soon

This course is designed to teach students the principles and design elements of the fashion and apparel industry. Students will learn basic knowledge of color, design, textiles, sewing, marketing, and promotion. Instruction includes the history of fashion, fashion occupations, color and composition theory, textile composition, garment construction, and retail procedures. Students will learn how to operate a sewing machine and will create a sample binder of sewing techniques. Students have the option of creating five sewing projects during the year. Career exploration, employability skills, work standards and policies, entrepreneurship, and standards of professionalism will also be covered.

Fashion Design 2

Grades 11-12 CHS Graduation: Elective  UC/CSU A-G: “G” Video Description: Coming Soon

This course is a second year of study for students pursuing a career in fashion design and merchandising. In this second level, students will study multiple aspects of the fashion industry. Students will become aware of the industry operations and regulations, professional standards, garment construction and manufacturing, and apparel merchandising and marketing. Students will strengthen their critical thinking, writing and oral communication skills through projects that delve into the history and evolution of fashion design and its effect on local and global economy. Students will choose, coordinate and procure textiles for projects that consider the art elements and principles of design. Five sewing projects will be completed to show mastery of advanced sewing skills.

Prerequisite: Fashion Design 1