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The PSAT/NMSQT is the preliminary SAT/National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test. The exam is administered for Sophomores at Carlsbad High School each October. Students are able to take the PSAT again during their Junior year in order to qualify for the National Merit Scholarship.

Each year, the CHS Counseling Team hosts a PSAT Score Back Night to provide resources to students to help them interpret their PSAT Scores and determine next steps.

2019 PSAT scores have now been released through College Board. The purpose of the PSAT is to provide a standardized benchmark assessment of skills in three basic academic areas important for success in college: evidence-based reading, writing & language, and math.

Below are instructions for obtaining your scores, along with resources to understand and improve your future scores.

  • To obtain your scores, please create a College Board account here. After your account has been created, click here to view your scores. 
  • Click here for resources for understanding your PSAT score, or watch this video.
  • Finally, visit our Testing page on our CHS website for resources including free SAT practice exams, SAT prep courses, and more.