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Naviance Login

Naviance (11th Grade)

It is important for you to sign up for your Naviance account. If you have already signed up for your account, use the Naviance link to the right to log in. If you have not yet registered, please see your counselor.

Naviance is a program that allows you to assess your personality type, explore careers, majors, post-secondary opportunities and scholarships, and to eventually apply to colleges effectively. As a junior, you need to start narrowing your potential post-high school interests by matching who you are with what you would like to be doing. You then need to research the type of education/training you need to be able to pursue your goals. Naviance will be regularly updated, and it will include access to your GPA, tests scores, a scholarship database, the counseling bulletin, and the college visit schedule. Use the link at the top to get started.

It is very important that Juniors and their parents check Naviance several times over the summer. CHS graduating seniors will be populating Naviance with their college applications and acceptances.  Students will be able to see which schools CHS students have been accepted to and their GPA/test scores. This will allow juniors to compare their own GPA/test scores to help determine the chance of getting into a particular school.