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School Counseling Department

Counseling Team Mrs. Penrod, Mrs. Howard, Mr.Blackburn, Mrs. Becker, and Mrs. Dendy
CHS School Counselors

 (Mrs. Penrod, Mrs. Howard, Mr. Blackburn, Mrs. Becker, & Mrs. Dendy)

Students: School Counselors are available to see students on a drop-in basis during break, lunch, before and after school. To schedule an appointment, please fill out a Request to See Counselor form in the Counseling Office.

Parents: School Counselors are available by appointment only. Please call or email your student's counselor directly to schedule an appointment.

College application data regarding class size, dates of entry and exit

School Counseling Events

    School Counselors

    Assigned by student's last name.


    Mrs. Becker (A - Dre)



    Mrs. Penrod (Dri - Kol)



    Mr. Blackburn (Kom - Mik)

    and all FILM students



    Mrs. Howard (Mil - Rod)

    and all AVID & ELD students



    Mrs. Dendy (Roe - Z)



    School Psychologists

    Mrs. Cafferty



    ELD Resource

    Mrs. Ramirez


    Mrs. Ross


    Safe Zone